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Conversations about organ, tissue and eye donation with hosts Lori Steele, Sally Gentry and Joey Boudreaux. Our goal is to raise awareness about the need for the life saving gifts of organ, tissue & eye donation. Help the Gifted Life Podcast share the latest information about donation and transplantation, share this podcast with your family and friends. Share your inspiring stories with us or give us a call at (504) 648-3477. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Workers Protected Under FMLA for Living Donation

Making Life Happen

Workers Protected Under FMLA for Living Donation

Chillon Caraway

On August 30th, Donate Life America tweeted a press release from the office of US Congresswoman, Jamie Herrera Beutler.

Read the full press release here.

This is exciting news for both those waiting on a transplant, and those willing to give and save the life of another person!
Prior to this announcement, each potential living donor would have to work directly with their individual employer to secure their employment during the surgery and the subsequent recovery. There are stories of those who lost their jobs because their employer was not required to hold their job under the Family Medical Leave Act.
Living donation is becoming more prevalent due to the extreme need for kidneys in the United States. In our country, more than 80% of those in need of a life saving organ transplant are waiting on a kidney.

Here are some Quick Facts from Donate Life America about living donation:
* Living organ donation and transplantation was developed as a direct result of the critical shortage of deceased donors.
* Living donation is an opportunity to save a life while you are still living.
* Living donation is not covered by your donor registration and must be considered personally and discussed directly with a transplant center.
* Today, one in four living donors are not biologically related to the recipient.
* Living donation offers an alternative for individuals awaiting transplantation from a deceased donor and increases the existing organ supply, saving more lives.
* If you are considering being a living donor, it is critical to gather as much information as you can from various sources.

And we are back to interject a shameless plug now:
The Gifted Life Podcast can be one of those sources for information about donation and transplantation. We have several episodes that cover living donation, and at least one more that will be released soon!

The most recent is episode 87 with living donor, Jennifer David! Her story is one you won’t soon forget.

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Written by Chillon Caraway