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Conversations about organ, tissue and eye donation with hosts Lori Steele, Sally Gentry and Joey Boudreaux. Our goal is to raise awareness about the need for the life saving gifts of organ, tissue & eye donation. Help the Gifted Life Podcast share the latest information about donation and transplantation, share this podcast with your family and friends. Share your inspiring stories with us or give us a call at (504) 648-3477. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Archive 2018


Release Date: 12/21/2018

Show Notes: On episode 98 of The Gifted Life Podcast, we welcome Jennifer Scharfenstein and Haley Orillion of Savannah Smiles to learn about the driving passion behind the nonprofit. The organization offers resources to families who have lost a child under the age of 18, and is also bridging the gap of grief between parents and their children through Camp Savannah. Sally gives us tips for managing negative feelings. We honor a hero, Nicholas Lewis, and we answer a listener’s question.

What's Your Grief?

Release Date: 12/07/2018

Show Notes: On episode 97 we welcome Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley of What’s Your Grief to put a spotlight on the need for various approaches to grieving. They have a plethora of resources, from their blog with entries titled ‘64 of the Best Things Ever Said to a Griever’, to training for professionals, to a podcast called What’s Your Grief. Then Sally guides us through tips for navigating the holidays, we honor hero Jeffrey Carr and answer a listener’s question about registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor.


Release Date: 11/23/2018

Show Notes: The Eye Bank Association of America has been celebrating Eye Donation Month in March for the last 35 years, but this year it is officially moving to November. Our hosts interview Julia Wallace, of the Baton Rouge Regional Eyebank, to learn about this year’s campaign and new ways they are honoring donors. Sally talks about the benefits of group therapy and we honor hero, Alexis Molliere.

Infectious Disease

Release Date: 11/09/2018

Show Notes: We welcome Dr. Jonathan Hand to episode 95 and discuss the risks of disease transmission from a donor versus not receiving a transplant. Dr. Hand specializes in the treatment of infectious disease with transplant patients at Ochsner Medical Center, and explains why no one should rule themselves out as a potential donor. Sally talks about the importance of being able to take a break from grief and we honor Cooper Gibson in our Hero Segment.

Causepods - Facts about donation.jpg

Release Date: 10/26/2018

Show Notes: On episode 94 we take the guest seats on another podcast called Causecasts (now known as Causepods). Causepods host, Mathew Passy, takes us back in time to discover the origins of The Gifted Life Podcast and learn facts about registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor. Then we honor hero, Brittany Falcone, on this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast.

Living Organ Donor

Release Date: 10/12/2018

Show Notes: On episode 93, we talk to with Nicole Gladfelter and Ted Sheldon. Two living donors who help us understand some of the hurdles they faced when they decided to donate a kidney to someone in need. Their persistence to give the gift of life will inspire you. Then we honor hero Barry Brown and answer a listener’s question about coverage under FMLA for living donation right here on The Gifted Life Podcast.


Release Date: 9/28/2018

Show Notes: Episode 92 of The Gifted Life Podcast brings us back in time to a special moment when a little boy named, Xander, is with his Paw-Paw, Lee Benoit. Lee is a Cajun musician and interviewed Xander in his recording studio. The two talked about life, music and super heroes. We don't want to give too much of this narrative away, but a special thanks to Tulane Transplant Institute and Our Lady of the Lake Hospital for their help in making this story possible.


Transplant Games

Release Date: 9/14/2018

Show Notes: We go back to Utah for a Transplant Games of America redux. Three families share how their tiny athletes are living a big full life, thanks to their donor heroes. Then Sally discusses research from the male perspective and how to begin having conversations about mental health. We honor a hero, Emily Lyons, from the Transplant Games website Reflection Room and answer a listener’s question on episode 91 of The Gifted Life Podcast.

Healing through writing

Release Date: 8/31/2018

Show Notes: Our guest, Karen Hannahs, joins us from Intermountain Donor Services to share some of their special projects, such as the Celebration of Life Monument, designed to help families honor their donor’s gift of life. She and Sally also discuss the healing power of writing to donor family members and recipients. Then, Sally talks about how suicide attempts have surged amongst women in middle age. We honor hero, Tevin Reed, and answer a listener’s question about ordering Donate Life branded items on episode 90 of The Gifted Life Podcast.

The Transplant Games of America

Release Date: 8/17/2018

Show Notes: The Gifted Life Podcast team is back from Utah and excited to share the stories captured at the Transplant Games of America (TGA). Meet Team Louisiana members Mary, Dusty, Warren, Ashley and Isiah. Hear about their individual journeys to TGA thanks to the gift of life. Sally coaches us on slowing down to enjoy life, we pull from TGA’s Reflection Room to honor hero Brayden Brantley and answer a question about donor families writing to their loved one’s tissue recipients on episode 89.

Transplant Games of America

Release Date: 8/03/2018

Show Notes: On episode 88 we get you ready for the 2018 Transplant Games of America by chatting with TGA President and CEO, Bill Ryan. Sally talks us through some of the mental health benefits of exercise, and Bill Ryan rejoins the conversation honoring his hero and daughter, Michelle Ryan. Be on the lookout for more inspiring stories in the weeks to come as The Gifted Life Podcast team travels to Utah for the 2018 Transplant Games of America.

Jennifer David

Release Date: 7/20/2018

Show Notes: On Episode 87 we learn how The Gifted Life Podcast was part of inspiring one women to give the gift of life. Jennifer David called us a few months ago because she was searching for education about living kidney donation, and found The Gifted Life. Now, she is officially a living donor, and we are honored to hear and share her experience. Then, Sally shares her expertise in our mental health segment, we honor hero Dion Pennywell and answer a question from out in the community.

Organ Donation in the Hispanic Culture

Release Date: 7/06/2018

Please note: From the 2 minute mark on, this episode is in Spanish.

Show Notes: On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast, we are offering an overview of organ, eye and tissue donation facts all in Spanish to celebrate Donate Life ECHO, the national two-week outreach campaign to honor multicultural communities. We invite donation and transplantation professionals, Ana Hands of Ochsner Multi-Transplant Institute, Susanna Ruddock of Southern Eye Bank, and Maria Ospittia of LOPA to a lively discussion about the importance of organ, eye, & tissue donation and the donor registry. They discuss the facts in Spanish and honor Hero, Flora Molina. The Gifted Life Podcast team ECHOs their passion, Every Community Has Opportunity - the opportunity to save and heal lives, on episode 86.


Release Date: 6/22/2018

Show Notes: On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast we welcome Courtney Tillota from Indiana Donor Network. We learn about the ways IDN is connecting with donor families and providing support after organ, eye and tissue donation. In our mental health minute, Sally tackles one of our most common family aftercare questions. We honor IDN hero Chris Curry and answer a listener’s question right here on episode 85 of The Gifted Life.

All My Tomorrows

Release Date: 6/08/2018

Show Notes: On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast, we welcome donor dad, Eric Gregory, who turned his journey into an inspiring book, All My Tomorrows. He shares his personal story of tragedy, transplant and hope. Plus, Sally sparks a conversation about personality. We honor Eric Gregory’s son, Chris Gregory, and hear a special voicemail from a listener who found our podcast and tells us what she learned about the gift of life.

Eye Donation for Research

Release Date: 5/25/2018

Show Notes: On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast we welcome Cindy Reed, executive director at the Iowa Lions Eye Bank, who explains the medical advancements made possible by eye donation for research. Plus, Cindy shares her personal connection to the process. Then we honor hero Mathew Manning, a donor from Iowa Lions Eye Bank. Sally gives us suggestions for responding to someone who is grieving, and we answer a listener’s question, right here on episode 83.

The Gifted Life Podcast

Release Date: 5/11/2018

Show Notes: On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast, we take our microphones on the road to celebrate heroes giving the gift of life! Hear from several families who tell us personal stories about their loved ones. It’s our team’s privilege to focus on the organ, eye and tissue donors we celebrate on our podcast, including this episode’s hero, Joseph Prichard. Then we answer a listener’s question about contacting the recipients of a sibling’s gift of life, right here on episode 82.

Diabetes Research

Release Date: 4/27/2018

Show Notes: The Gifted Life Podcast is wrapping up National Donate Life Month by expanding our focus to different types of donation. We welcome Dr. Mark Atkinson of nPOD, Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes. Learn how every pancreas and associated tissues donated for research are allowing for insights in to the Type 1 diabetic process and possibly leading to  enhanced medical care for the widespread disease. Sally talks to us about grief, we honor hero Keaghyn Parsons and hear from an old friend, Sheri Griener, in our listener segment right here on episode 81.

Donor Heroes

Release Date: 4/13/2018

Show Notes: It’s National Blue and Green Day! There’s no better way to celebrate the reason behind Blue and Green Day than to let you hear from families directly impacted by donation. Lori and Sally visited with 3 donor moms at our Donor Family Picnic last month. Each shared their unique experience with donation and what this special day means to them. Then we honor hero, Andre Robinson, and answer a listener’s question right here in episode 80.

Gift of Life Donor Program

Release Date: 3/30/2018

Show Notes: On this episode we share our excitement for National Donate Life Month in April and welcome Gift of Life Donor Program’s President & CEO, Howard Nathan. Howard talks about the history of organ donation, outreach, education and the innovative programs based out of the OPO’s headquarters in Philadelphia. Learn about their Gift of Life Family HouseGift of Life Institute, and the Transplant Pregnancy Registry. Evan Bunting, a donor from Gift of Life Donor Program, is honored during the hero segment. Sally shares tips for conquering common mental health issues, and we answer a listener’s question on episode 79 of The Gifted Life Podcast.

Miss Indiana USA

Release Date: 3/16/2018

Show Notes: March is National Kidney Month! On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast, we welcome Darrian Arch, Miss Indiana USA®, who’s personal connection drove her to become an advocate for Donate Life with Indiana Donor Network. Learn all about this accomplished beauty queen and why her quest to educate others about organ, eye and tissue donation is very close to her heart. Our very own Sally Gentry, a licensed counselor, talks us through common mental health issues, this time focusing in on control tendencies. We honor Indiana Donor Network hero Logan Vanderkleed and answer a listener’s question right here on episode 78 of The Gifted Life Podcast.

National Kidney Month

Release Date: 3/02/2018

Show Notes: March is National Kidney Month. On episode 77 of The Gifted Life Podcast, we take an in depth look at how the kidney allocation system (KAS) has affected those in need of a life saving kidney transplant. We welcome UNOS researcher, Darren Stewart, who gives us insight into how new policies enacted in late 2014  have changed the outlook for those waiting for a kidney. Then we honor hero Kenneth Doucet and answer a listener’s question. For more information on this topic, visit:

Podcast Fan.jpg

Release Date: 2/16/2018

Show Notes: On episode 76, we meet Christopher Babin, who selflessly chose to become a living kidney donor. Chris shares his story with us about giving the gift of life and why he’s running to tell others about organ, eye and tissue donation. Then, Randy Falgoust is honored during our hero segment. You will also find out how to reach out, just like Chris, to tell us your story or ask a question. The Gifted Life Podcast is your source for inspiring and informative stories about organ, eye & tissue donation and transplantation.

Donate Life Float

Release Date: 2/02/2018

Show Notes: On episode 75 of The Gifted Life Podcast, our team takes you to the 2018 Rose Parade in California to experience the Donate Life Rose Parade Float. Check out what goes on behind the scenes and hear some of the experiences from the families of the honorees. Learn why American Idol alum, Scott MacIntyre, and former NFL coach Sam Wyche were involved in this year’s celebration. You can learn more about the individual stories of the 44 organ, eye and tissue donors honored on this year’s float, “The Gift of Time,” at

Nico Sholly

Release Date: 1/19/2018

Show Notes: On this episode of The Gifted Life Podcast, we welcome a reality star, Bravo’s Below Deck cast member, Nico Scholly. Nico’s younger brother Tristen lost his life tragically in an accident in 2016 and became a hero, giving the gift of life to others. Learn how Nico’s family is using their experience to help other donor families by creating the Tristen Scott Foundation and how it fuels Nico’s passion for organ, eye and tissue donation advocacy. Plus, learn more about Tristen during our Honoring a Hero segment. We also answer a question that came through our Facebook page about finding a donor’s recipient. 

Tristen Scott Foundation on Facebook:

David St. Romain

Release Date: 1/05/2018

Show Notes: The Gifted Life Podcast team extends best wishes for 2018 to all our listeners. In this shorter episode, we kick off 2018 with a powerful voice. Our host Lori introduces us to singer and songwriter, David St. Romain. Learn about the inspiration behind one of his songs; a song that has touched lives and promoted becoming a registered organ, eye and tissue donor. We then honor hero Loyd Knotts and answer a question from someone who would like to contact their anonymous living donor on episode 73 of The Gifted Life Podcast.

David St. Romain website -
Vidalia on Facebook -
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